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August 1, 2013
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In the clear night, sprinkled with moonlight and bright shining stars,a young fisherman made his way back home with his crew.

The young man’s name was Jack, a tall blond man with peridot like eyes, rested his chin on his palm gazing into the water.

He heard a unusual sound that made his hearing seances tingle making him want to hear more. He looked at the way were the souce might come from. He turned his head a few times to the lef and right to discover that,the source is coming from behind the massive rock on the other side of the shore.


Lion, a young merman sat on the rocks and sang a sweet melody that his big sister tought him when he was young. He sat there flopping his tail in the water and enjoying the breeze. While listening to the melody,Jack lighted one of his cigarets as exhaled the smoke from his light pink lips while a smink creeped up his face.


‘I want to see who sings this’, he thought as he threw the rest of the cigarette into the water.


He returned to the cabin to tell the boy he was with that he is going for swim and jumped into the water. After swimming for a quite a while he reached his destination,ne massive rocks. Jack drained the water of his cloths as quiet as possible and went around the rocks. When he spotted a figure in the moon light he came behind it and gazed at it.


He couldn’t believe what he saw, such beautiful skin and chocolate brown that goes to the chin of the person, light blue scales with shined greenish on the moonlight.

Jack swallowed and approached it from behind.


“Were you the one who sang?”


Lion got startled and jumped into and diving in quickly. He jumped on the rock on which he was sitting and looked into the water giving it a small smile.


Lion peeked his head through the water to see the mad looking down at him smiling, he then dived and went home.


Jack gave it a last look and went to his ship and after that home to his sister.


The next morning around 4 before noon he got up and packed his bag with some food and water. He wanted to see the creature again so he decided to meet it again.


Jack went to the place from yesterday and laid on the sand,waiting. He felt tired from all that fishing so he fell asleep again. Lion came after a few hours, he saw him lying there, sleeping soundlessly so he went to check if he was alive. He pulled his torso out of the water and poked his cheek,waiting for a reaction.


Jack felt something poking him so he slowly opened his eyes, seeing the merman infront of him. He rubbed his eyes and looked at lion as he withdrew his finger and dived half of his torso back in the water,together with the half of his red face.


He straighed his back,starching a bit.


”Good morning beautiful.”,he said as he reached his hand to stroke Lion’s hair.


He was a bit afraid of his actions so he pulled away from Jack’s hand. He noticed and withdrew his hand.


“Are you hungry?”,he said pulling his bag closer to him.


Lion only shook his head as he tried to hide his blushing face.



Jack gave him a small smile and took out some fish and potatos and lit the fire to roast it. He noticed some tulips in the bag so he took them out and looked at them.


"Here these are for you",he offered them to him. He picked the tulips on the way.


Lion shook his head and moved away a bit again.


He just shrugged and put them hext to him as he roasted the food.


“You eat fish?!”, Lion said with his eyes wided and the suprice in his voice cannon be unavoided.


He nodded and sat it down from the fire to cool down,”Yes and why are you so supriced?”


"Hello! I'm a half fish! Do you know how offensive that is to me!" He said angrily.


"Ok I understand",he took the fish and threw the fish into the water."I'm sorry for offending you...",he took the potatos and peeled them


He pouted and sat next to him. "What are does?", he pointed to the potatoes.


"These are potatos,human vegetables",he offered him a half,"be careful they are hot"


Lioon took it in his hand but he dropped it into the sea because he burned his hand. "Ow!"


He took Lion's hand and put it on his ice cool neck,"I told you to be careful..."


Lion’s face heated up and looked away trying not let Jack see it.


Jack took his hand and looked at it,"Dont worry it's nothing serious...",he took another look and then kissed the wound.


Lion turned to him and gave him a little nod as he looked up with adorable face exprecion and reed cheeks.


Jack couldn’t resist but hugging he shorter male before him and kissing his forehead.


The merman blushed more because of confusion,”Umm…What did you just do?...”


He smiled,"I gave you a kiss and a hug,that is what humans do when they care and love each other or show respect to each other...and right now i showed you my love",that is true he said it supricing himself.


Even though this is the second time he sees him he could already feel something like that,yeah sure he knew that love at first sight was something cliché and he wouldn’t ever believe it but he was wrong,it wasn’t that bad after all.


“Love?...”,Lion gave him a questioned look.


"Yes love...Love is when you feel your heart race,your face heat up and you react somehow weird when you are with the special person",he explaned.


“Then I think I love you”,he blushed and gave him a peck on the cheek.


“I love you too”,Jack smiled as his heart skipped a beat and he could see that the blush is ricing up Lion’s face.


With this,the two of them stepped into a dangerous situation.
This fanfic was made from a rp between me and :iconlovegaara996:

It's a lot fun writing stuff like this XDD

And btw tell me what you think,i wanna know.

oh and I have a question,do you want me to continue this if yes coment XDD
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DevilHungary Aug 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Awwwww! This is so adorable!! Please write more sis!! 
:heart: :heart: :iconiloveitplz:
Hahaha I will I hope XDD <3
DevilHungary Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
lovegaara996 Aug 1, 2013
ahahahhaaaaaaomg that was sooooo adorable and awesome! :iconbigheartplz: write more xD
I will,hopefully tomorrow XDD and thanks!!!! :iconslowhugplz:
lovegaara996 Aug 1, 2013
:iconsupertighthugplz: yaaaaaaaay
HAhahahahaha XDDDD :iconoldschoolownedplz: 
lovegaara996 Aug 1, 2013
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